How it works

When you lie with your back on the massager, the rollers push muscles and ligaments of your back which causes deep massage of the sacrum and gluteal muscles. At the same time, traction and stretching of the spine occur during the smooth, translational motion of your body along the rollers.

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On your journey towards healthy back

  • Ergonomic design to adapt to your spine

  • Adjustable rollers to apply pressure where it's needed

  • Rollers push muscles and ligaments

  • Rollers are getting into deep pressure points

  • Stretching and traction occur during the movement

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Results that matter

After 2 weeks of daily use*

  • 96%

    Improved posture

  • 86%

    Reduced back pain

  • 90%

    Overall health improvement

  • 92%

    Would Recommend

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Why it works?

Cordbit is a holistic solution for back health.

  • Invented by doctor and chiropractor

    Cordbit was developed by doctor and chiropractor who spent years helping hundreds of people with their back health issues.

  • Ergonomically contoured

    Cordbit unique 5 roller patented design imitates a structure of the human spine and penetrates your back muscles like human hands can’t. 

  • Clinically validated

    Research has shown Cordbit effectiveness in posture correction, back pain relief and overall health improvement.*

Let's perfect your Back Health

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