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I can definitely see why everyone loves this so much. If you sit all day in front of your laptop or just back issues in general, this thing is what you wanna get! At-Home Therapy for Your Back! It’s massaging the most distant muscles in my back and it feels awesome!

Amina Allan

My job is sabotaging my back. Sitting in the same position while I work 8 hours a day is horrible for my back. That’s why I’ve got Cordbit! .. Cordbit has really changed a way I think about back health!

Mateusz Maguire

I’ve tried everything for my back pain. I am so tired from having back pain and bad posture! And then a friend recommended Cordbit to me. Works like magic!

Anna Obrien

Didn’t realize how messed up /tight / knotted my back was until I started rolling it out. I am so glad I’ve got Cordbit and decided to invest in my back health!

Anthony Gomez

I find myself using Cordbit almost every morning. It helps stretch my back and help my posture. It’s got pressure, it’s reaching the farthest points of my back. Improves blood flow and soothe chronic pain.

Ronald Abbott

If you have back pain or posture issues you need to try this! My back has been feeling really bad lately. I am a really big runner and I walk everyday and it’s a very huge pressure for my core. I cannot tell you how incredibly good this feels for my back.

Andrea Ruiz

3-in-1 holistic solution for your back

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Cordbit back massager is specially designed to apply equal pressure evenly across your back and spine. Unique structure of Cordbit allows it to get into deep pressure points and penetrate your back muscles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Aloixa Sinclaire
Nice! Fun too!

Very well made - sturdier than anything comparable!! Fun to use (it really rolls!!!) great purchase!

Cheryl Campos
Beautiful Product, Quality Wood

The product is as described. The ordering easy and shipped quickly. I was able to use the product to help with my back immediately. Assembly was simple and went smoothly. It's a beautiful product. I'd recommend. The only thing I'd add is to wear a neoprene vest that is 2mm so that the rollers feel more comfortable. If you are well muscled, this may not be needed, but for elderly who have lost muscle the product can be more uncomfortable on the back.

Michael Kutzler
Nothing like anything I've tried before.

Absolutely incredible. The quality is immediately apparent when you lay on it. Worth.every.penny.

Don Watts
awesome product

awesome product - provided the relief I was looking for. Even my Chiropractor noticed when getting adjusted. highly recommended

Andrew Van Sicklen

Awesome, really the best item I’ve tried for stiff neck/back

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