Cordbit Innovative Design

  • 5 Rollers

    Cordbit back massager consists of the frame and 5 rollers of different sizes. Rollers imitate the masseur's hands clenched into fists

  • Frame length

    The length of the frame corresponds to the length of the spine of an average person.

  • Rollers' placement

    Large roller is used to apply the maximum pressure and it's placement defines which problem area you want to massage.


Rollers push muscles and ligaments of your back which causes deep massage of the sacrum and gluteal muscles.


Simplest Massage Technique

1. Align rollers' position

If you are massaging your lower back, big or lead roller should be placed at the very bottom. In the middle for a middle and upper back massage and at the very top for a neck massage.

2. Lie down

Lie down on your back right on top of the rollers with your knees bent and your hands holding the handle on each side of the massager. 

3. Roll up and down

The simplest massage can be done just by slowly rolling up and down while holding the handle for stability and then repeating it with your legs raised alternately. 

Massage and Workout Guide

Grab your Cordbit massager and let’s get right to stretching out your back.


How big is Cordbit?

Assembled Dimension: 27” x 7” x 9”. Assembled Weight: 16.5 lbs.

What is it made of?

Cordbit is made from steardy precious woods such as oak or ash.

What are the weight restrictions?

Maximum recommended user weight is 400lbs.

How to align rollers?

Rollers are not firmly attached to the base. To align a roller just simply remove it from the base frame and switch position with the other roller.

How long should I massage my back?

For best results it is recommended to perform back massage for at least 5 minutes.