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Healthy back is central to your overall health and wellbeing

The health of your back is crucial to the entire body. An unhealthy back with weak muscles can decrease your ability to move, sleep and function properly. Back pain and poor posture can significantly decrease person's quality of life, so it is imperative that we look after our backs and spines, by incorporating a focus on back health into our fitness regimes.

Back Pain: How Do We Prevent It? 

Who experiences back pain?

Eveyone. Back pain is a condition becoming increasingly common in our world. It currently afflicts 80 to 90 percent of the United States populace at some point in their lives. Back pain is also the second most common reason people contact their family doctors for back pain. In addition, over 2 percent of the workforce in the US is unemployed as a result of low back pain. Apart from being expensive to manage, it also seriously hampers one's quality of life.

Common types of back pain

Generally, two forms of back pain exists: acute back pain and chronic back pain. Acute back pain is often a brief episode of pain usually caused by strain or sprain after lifting heavy objects. The pain mostly radiates from the spine and may spread to the thighs, buttocks, or knees. Chronic back pain on the other hand is usually a persistent pain that may go beyond five to six weeks. At this point, further medical evaluation is usually required. The pain is usually related to problems with discs, spinal joints, or supporting muscles of the back.

Treatment of Back Pain

The treatment of a back pain depends on its cause and location. However, non-invasive techniques like massage, physical therapy and other treatments can help to relieve back pain. These techniques can be performed at home. For thoracic and middle back pain, you can opt for surgical options like discectomy. For upper and lower back pain, health practitioners recommend adopting a balanced diet and exercise regimen, taking proper prosture, using good massagers, quitting smoking and minimizing stress generally.  

Do massagers help with back pain?

Yes, a great massage not only helps to relax your muscles but also increases circulation of blood, and relieves stress by increasing your endorphins level. You do not necessarily need the services of a masseuse for your back massage, you may do it yourself. 
One of the highly recommended devices that can help to ease back pain as well as improve overall back health is Cordbit massager - 3 in 1 solution for your back. 

#1 Most Innovative Holistic Back Health Solution

Every movement originates from your spine. So taking care of your core is of utmost importance. Cordbit is an excellent back massager with the right structure to help strengthen your core muscles, relieve stress and muscle tension, and correct your posture.

Cordbit is a holistic solution for back health

Invented by doctor and chiropractor
Cordbit was developed by doctor and chiropractor who spent years helping hundreds of people with their back health issues.
Ergonomically contoured
Cordbit unique 5 roller patented design imitates a structure of the human spine and penetrates your back muscles like human hands can’t. 
Clinically validated
Research has shown Cordbit effectiveness in posture correction, back pain relief and overall health improvement.*

How it works

When you lie with your back on the massager, the rollers push muscles and ligaments of your back which causes deep massage of the sacrum and gluteal muscles. At the same time, traction and stretching of the spine occur during the smooth, translational motion of your body along the rollers.

Customer Reviews

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Diana M.

I’ve tried everything for my back pain. I am so tired from having back pain and bad posture! And then a friend recommended Cordbit to me. Works like magic!

Jim T/.

I find myself using Cordbit almost every morning. It helps stretch my back and help my posture. It’s got pressure, it’s reaching the farthest points of my back.

Chad L.

If you sit all day in front of your laptop or have back issues in general, this thing is what you want to get! It’s massaging the most distant muscles in my back and it feels awesome!

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