How Bad Posture Can Ruin The Best Workout?

How Bad Posture Can Ruin The Best Workout?

Do you know that a posture can make or break your body? Most people overlook the fact that their everyday postures greatly impact not only their workout sessions but also physical and mental health. Not many people give importance to the fact that it is bad to droop and that their back should be straight while they are walking. A poor posture affects your mood and also limits your body in the gym. Therefore, how you are making your everyday poses, especially while walking and sitting, makes a huge difference. In this article, we will highlight how a bad posture can ruin the best workout; don't worry, we will share the best solution to this problem.

What Makes a Poor Posture?

Usually, a poor posture happens because of habits, injuries, and accidents. The sloppy posture is the result of bad habits and environmental factors that are completely within one’s control. For instance, just hunching over your smartphone at a 60-degree angle places over 60lbs of pressure on the body's cervical spine.
Other factors related to poor posture include improper sleep support (which happens usually due to a bad mattress), occupational stress, being overweight, improper shoes, muscular imbalances, and standing and walking in a bad form.
When we stand or walk incorrectly, our muscles and bones are lined up wrongly, which obstructs the flow of a sciatic nerve (a nerve connecting a spinal cord with the foot and leg muscles). Such a blockage leads to sciatica, a condition leading to pain in the back of the thigh, calves, and feet.

Joint & Muscle damage

When you are seated for a long period, you start to slouch, leading to a sufficient level of stress imposed on the muscles of the lower back—mainly those of the posterior chain. As a result, the spine’s natural arch is inflated and often leads to a condition named hyperlordosis. When you sit on your butts, your glutes get weak and they stop the function of hip stabilization and extension.
Strong glutes are important for maintaining stability and producing strong hip extension, which plays a great role in your lifts at the gym. Also, don’t discount the pressure experienced by your cervical spine, shoulders, and neck when you look down at your phone or computer screen. The damage to the joints and muscles accelerates at the gym if you let poor posture dictate your daily movement patterns.

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