Deep Tissue Massage (and How Can You Do It by Yourself)

Deep Tissue Massage (and How Can You Do It by Yourself)

Deep tissue massage employs firm pressure and gentle (and slow) strokes to reach inner layers of muscle and its fascia. It is applied in the treatment of aches in the areas such as the low back, neck, shoulders and legs.

Deep tissue massages are used to loosen up scar tissue and muscle adhesions (muscle adhesions are bands of inflexible and painful muscle tissue that feel like knots in your muscles). These knots can obstruct your circulation, resulting in pain and irritation.


Does DTM help to reduce back pain?

YES, deep tissue massage treatment can help with chronic lower or lumbar back pain, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, and stiff neck. It can also help to relieve muscle tension associated with chronic pain by loosening the tight tissue clusters that cause pain.


What are the other benefits of deep tissue massage?


  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate: DTM may lower blood pressure and heart rate by reducing tension and stress. The arterial, diastolic and systolic blood pressures all benefit from deep tissue massage.
  • Breaks up scar tissue and facilitates movement: People with scar tissue commonly complain of chronic pain and stiffness in certain locations. Regular DTM promotes lymphatic circulation and this may help to break up or eliminate scar tissue.  Deep tissue massages are frequently recommended to persons recovering from surgery to reduce scar tissue. 
  • Management of arthritic pain: DTM may relieve symptoms of arthritis such as stiffness, pain and inflammation. Moderate pressure can help people with arthritis move around more easily by reducing discomfort and tension. It can also help with sleep problems by reducing the discomfort that keeps arthritis sufferers awake at night.
  • Rehabilitation of injured muscles: If you have injured muscles, DTM can aid the stretch of your twisted or tight muscles and enhance the elimination of toxins from these muscles. Sports-related injuries are routinely treated with a deep tissue massage treatment. Many athletes include deep tissue massage in their recovery routines because it can help postpone muscle soreness, reduce muscular fatigue, and prevent injuries.
  • Helps with labor and delivery: During childbirth, deep tissue massage can assist women to manage their pain. Prenatal massages are a terrific method for women to relax and alleviate tight muscles caused by pregnancy, even before they go into delivery. Cortisol surges also aid women in reducing sadness, anxiety, and leg and back discomfort. According to several studies, women who had regular massages before and during delivery experienced less pain and had shorter labors than women who did not receive regular massages.


Does deep tissue massage really benefit a pregnant woman?

A 2016 research revealed that DTM helped a 28-year-old pregnant woman minimize lower back pain.

The participant reported an improvement in lower back discomfort after 12 sessions of 30-minute deep tissue massage twice a week. Massage boosts serotonin levels, which can help with leg and back discomfort.

Deep tissue massage, according to massage treatment websites, can help you sleep better, boost your athletic performance, and break up scar tissue. Massage may aid in the reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms. It can also help people relax and enhance their coping mechanisms.

Can I do my deep tissue massage at home?

Massagers and massage rollers can provide at-home relief with DTM. The phenomenal massage tool, Cordbit enables you to perform deep tissue massage at the comfort of your home.


Do I need a masseuse to use Cordbit on me?

You do not need the services of a professional masseuse before you feel sound and healthy. These are some of the benefits of Cordbit:

  • Convenience: Cordbit is super easy to use in DTM. This is because it is light in weight and has simple functions that can be operated by just any adult.
  • Efficient: Cordbit saves you money and time as you don't have to book appointments with a professional masseuse
  • Effective: The device's unique structure allows it to get into deep pressure points and penetrate your back muscles. It is this structure that enables to seep into the pressure points just the human hands can't in at-home therapy.

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